My first track project is Zolder. This track is located in Belgium.
It was build in 1963, and the track length was 4.3 kilometer(2.67 miles).
There where 10 Grand Prix. The first one was in 1973, the last one in 1984.
In 1982 it was a dramatic Grand Prix. In saterday qualifing Gilles Villeneuve
died at the "Terlamenbocht" .

I know that Zolder is available for GPL (under the name Wild South Raceway).
But that's the 1984 layout with chicanes
This is the 1967 version, whitout chicanes. The track whitout chicanes is much
mor fun to drive (the track is faster).

The track will be updated reguraly so please keep visiting my site for updates.
The AI, track.ini and setups are by Mark Beckman.
More information is in the readme file.

A map of the circuit:
zolder map

3 Matra's in the pits (1966):
28 may 2002: Project started!!!

22 june 2002: Layout for BETA almost ready

12 july 2002: I've got a flat, driveable track
17 august 2002: BETA coming soon!
27 august 2002: Changed my mind, no Zolder BETA, but final release end september
8 november 2002: TRACK RELEASED!!!
Phillip Island 2002
My second project is Phillip Island, Australia. I don't have much information yet,
so when you have please send me an e-mail. More information, screenshots etc. will follow.

A map of Phillip Island:

Phillip Island map

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